Friday, May 4, 2007


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Whoo, thank god it's Friday.

It's been a mad, mad, mad week. Lots of work. Well, not an inordinate amount of work, but a full load (you there in the back, stop smirking). A full week's work complicated by a sick baby. The little big man has kept us on our toes the last couple of weeks. He started out with a cold, which turned into conjunctivitis, which turned into bronchiolitis, which turned into an ear infection.

The upshot of it is I had to work from home most of the week, which would've been ok normally but for the fact that I had quite a few important meetings and workshops, and an important project that went live. Oh, and the wife's boss' mother died, so she's on the rack at work too.

Fun fun fun in the sun sun sun. I am SO ready for a weekend. But all's well that ends well! He's back at daycare today. All smiles drools and farts.

Here's hoping he's had enough of being sick for a while. Aha, it just occurred to me... maybe being sick is his way of getting back at me for taking photos like these!